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Arbeta gör man, ändå dör man

On April 5, Ayhan Aydin and Livia Prawitz, designed a unique meal experience at Kuben in Fittja. When we arrived to the parking lot outside Kuben, the first meal was served – barbecued right next to us.

Inside Kuben, we got a message played from a speaker saying that we had to assemble the dinner table, which was a pile of old tyres and wooden debri. A great experience to share with a group of strangers. We all formed a special bond, and by the time of sitting down we all felt that we kind of knew each other a bit better. The music that accompanied the dinner, alongside the setting inside Kuben, created a mystical atmosphere!

Photos by Stephanie Wiegner


Sense Lab Teaser • The Gaze (Esp)

During Stockholm Design Week Underverk hosted a teaser event for our upcoming Sense Lab during Season 2. People could experiment with different tastes, using pipettes and test tubes. The flavours included ginger, ume syrup, blackcurrant, apple, beetroot, pop rocks and many more..

Andrejs Ljunggren and Jacob Stenman made an installation for the night The Gaze (Esp).

Some of our observations were:

Comment on poprocks:
“Wow this takes me back to when I was 10 years old.”

The perception of the amount of alcohol suddenly changed when drinking from a test tube.
“Thats’s enough, thank you”.

Guests mixed flavours they usually wouldn’t try, exploring new combinations they loved. This included sauerkraut.

Thanks for joining!

Photos by Daniel Anthony Rossi


Video: Stefanie Hessler with Jour Fixe

Curator Stefanie Hessler talks to UNDERVERK about Jour Fixe and what it means to arrange art exhibitions at home.

Photography: Daniel Rossi


Video: Artist Ylva Trapp

Artist Ylva Trapp speaks to UNDERVERK about her site specific sound piece for a Jour Fixe event in Stockholm.


Video: Joe Coppard from Protothon

Joe Coppard, co-founder of Protothon, talks to UNDERVERK about what they do and their latest project.

Photography: Christopher Hunt



UNDERVERK will have the opening for our guerilla design week at Café Kikusen. More events are also planned here. Don’t miss it.

Kikusen is a café that aims to bring a genuine aspect of contemporary Tokyo to Stockholm. While a variety of Asian cuisines have been introduced in European countries, Yurie believes that food in itself does not create culture: it is about how it is experienced. Thus Kikusen would not be complete without its interior, furniture, and atmosphere as a whole. Adding to Asian crossover foods and sweets, Kikusen offers a space for people to relax in an authentic Tokyo atmosphere, comfortably seated on low-profile furniture with a cup of fine coffee and free available Wi-Fi.

Yurie Hama runs the café, Kikusen, at the East Asian Museum in Stockholm. She creates menu items, cooks, and takes care of everything served – food, sweets, and drinks. She also works with the museum to produce Asian perspective-based cultural events. When the Kikusen project was launched, she coordinated the different members involved and worked as head of the project as a whole.

Kikusen is actually based on tremendous work yielded from different types of collaboration. The café’s furniture, for instance, originates in collaboration between Swedish architects, a Japanese furniture maker and a Japanese textile designer – a rich collaboration of different fields and different nationalities. Collective work that ultimately leads to cultural interaction, in any given discipline, is something Yurie has always found great interest in.

Contact UNDERVERK at to get in touch with Yurie.