In collaboration with Underverk for Season 1 — Hemmet, photographer Oscar Poulsen empties his entire apartment and showcases 50-60 photographs and texts of his home produced during 2008—2013.

Since Oscar moved in to his apartment on Timmermansgatan 37 in Stockholm, he found himself constantly documenting the space and its contents. It was not until the autumn of 2012 he realised that his documentations were not just photographs of random stuff he had at home, but were instead a medium to understand himself, his surroundings and his relationship to his home better. When he realised this, he decided to move out of his apartment for six months to distance himself from that home in order to discover what that environment meant to him. In the exhibition T37 you will find his search for that meaning.

We are looking forward to take part of it.

Open on October 18, 17.30—22:00
and October 19, 14:00—22:00
Timmermansgatan 37, 5th floor.

Oscar Poulsen, born 1981 in Stockholm, has a bachelors degree in media and communications from Stockholm’s University. He was a co-founder of the platform for young photographers called Vidvinkel Foto. Today only the Vidvinkel Magazine he produces remains. Oscar works as a professional photographer and teaches photography at Berghs School of Communication.

Photo by Oscar Poulsen.

Med stöd från Stockholms Stad och Berghs School of Communication.