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A kitchen towel print designed by Underverk’s graphic designer Ludwig Haslberger for OAZA GOES NORTH.

Limited edition, 80 SEK
Send an email to if you would like to purchase one.


Sense Lab: 12 April

Date: Saturday, April 12th
Adress: Lövholmsgränd 12, Platform Stockholm
Time: 12:00—18:00

Sense Lab is a mind opening experience, where people engage in sensory experiments that stimulate and awakens all our senses. By using our smell, sight, sound, taste, touch and intuition in new combinations and approaches we hope that it will open up our minds and encourage us to view our environment from a different angle.

Join us for the first ever Sense Lab. We promise to stimulate all your senses!

Curated by Underverk showcasing work by Maja FrögårdAndrejs Ljunggren, Henrik Ljunggren, Jacob Stenman, Daphne Zuilhof, Cecilia Callander and Josefin Vargö.

Maja Frögård, Andrejs Ljunggren, Henrik Ljunggren, Jacob Stenman and Daphne Zuilhof

Mediated Experiences consists of three separate works that materialise digital phenomena.
How do we experience communication transformed through different filters? What sensorial nuances are filtered out and what is perceived on the other side? By setting up physical communication filters we invite you to communicate with each other and experience the possible distortion. Will the nuances be lost in translation or will the message gain in expression?

Conversation Piece: A shared experience of one of the most frustrating digital glitches of audio.

Marble of Doom: Step onto the marble of doom and be suspended in time.

Touch screen: Exploring the limited sensorial experience of the touch screen by presenting the variety of tactile, time and transparency.

Cecilia Callander and Josefin Vargö

A scented audio walk that triggers memory flashbacks.
The scents and sound file for the audio walk are picked up inside the Sense Lab exhibition. The walk starts at the entrance of Platform Stockholm where a woman joins you for a walk to Liljeholmen’s tube station.
All visitors are asked to bring their own headphones.

Written by Cecilia Callander and Josefin Vargö.
Production: Josefin Vargö
Voice: Cecilia Callander

Josefin Vargö

An edible sugar installation that takes form by experimenting with a cotton candy machine.

Sugar is probably one of the most common ingredients used in the world. A multifaceted ingredient that triggers many emotions ranging from appreciation, addiction to hatred from both its consumption and production. Sugar itself has many different forms, tastes and originations, besides the common white sugar. This piece is an initial experimentation of the plain, common yet versatile white sugar.

Sponsored by Glasskalas

Photo by Daniel Anthony Rossi and Ludwig Haslberger.

Supported by Stockholms Stad and Glasskalas


Video: Chef Yurie Hama

Yurie Hama, owner of café Kikusen at Östasiatiska Musset, explains the work and members of Y.Hemma Sessions and their recent dinner Savouring.