Curated events

Housewarming Dinner: 7 April

The first event for Season 5 takes place at Konsthall C and deals with the value of domestic work in the kitchen.

In Konsthall C’s kitchen, curators Kim McAleese and Josefin Vargö have invited a commercial ‘chef’ and a domestic ‘cook’ to respond to the questions posed in the Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ Manifesto for Maintenance Art 1969!

Produced in 1969, the manifesto connected to other feminist activities around the world which began to articulate the gendered inequities between paid and unpaid labour. The chefs Aaron Colman and Josefin Günther are invited to make a dinner, using the food as their material to convey what they believe to be ‘maintenance work’ as an attempt to readdress the issues raised in Ukeles manifesto.

Invited guests will be asked the same questions to encourage a discussion about gendered division of labour and how that looks today.

The event is free but has limited capacity – you can register your attendance, before 6th of April, at

With support from Stockholm stad and Konstfack/CuratorLab.

Photo by: Wages for Housework c.1975 Designed by B. Warrior



During Stockholm Design Week 2015 Nina Bačun and Maja Kolar from the OAZA design collective held a one hour food workshop in conjunction with an exhibition showcasing products from their ’Handed Down Collection’.

Participants were first given a descriptive presentation of the products, their functional contemporary use and their historical background relating to Croatian traditions and craft. OAZA then served a traditional wine soup together with polenta, bread, anchovies and olive oil, all ingredients from Croatia.

Leading up to the exhibition Studio Daphne Zuilhof lured in curious visitors with intriguing light reflections. Zuilhof works with the subtle beauty of light reflections, evoking wonder and curiosity. In the outside space leading up to the exhibition lights are placed with an intriguing effect, created with the modest means of light and water.

Underverk’s co-founder Josefin Vargö curated the experience and graphic designer Ludwig Haslberger designed a limited edition towel for the event.

Photography: Stephanie Wiegner



During Stockholm Design Week 2015 and in collaboration with UNDERVERK, Nina Bačun and Maja Kolar from the design collective OAZA hold a one hour food workshop while discussing Croatian ingredients, craft and design. Guests get to taste a traditional Croatian wine soup served with polenta, bread, anchovies and Croatian olive oil inspired by their showcased products. Together we learn how to pickle anchovies using their product ‘Preserving Summer’.

*All guests receive an exclusive kitchen towel designed by Ludwig Haslberger made for the event.

Guests must be 18 years of age and older.

Book tickets here.

Time: 17:30 – 18:30
Location: Brännkyrkagatan 13, Stockholm



A kitchen towel print designed by Underverk’s graphic designer Ludwig Haslberger for OAZA GOES NORTH.

Limited edition, 80 SEK
Send an email to if you would like to purchase one.

A Protective Garlic Ritual ● June 18

On Sunday June 18, we invite you to a garlic ritual. Come taste the power of garlic and protect yourself from trolls.

During a one week residency in Stockholm, Ancient Acrobatics and Underverk will weave together past and present garlic stories, mythologies, superstitions and facts into a new cleansing ritual, to protect you from todays trolls.

The protective cleansing ritual includes garlic tasting and an introduction to a collection of protective garlic amulets. It costs 100kr and you can book your spot by emailing

June 18 16:00-18:00 100kr Show on map
Babette’s Feast ● 24 May

As part of Underverk’s Gastronomic Design Festival we present a screening of Oscar-winning ‘Babette’s Feast’ (1987). A Danish film drama by Gabriel Axel, based on the story by Karen Blixen. The film is paired with food and drinks designed by the gastronomic design duo Aydin & Vargö.

The festival is a summer program that moves between different disciplines focusing on our food culture. We present a set of events that activate our minds and senses to discover how artistic strategies contribute to the discussion of the politics of food.


The food and drink (non-alcoholic) menu is served during and after the film. The ticket includes entrance, food and drinks at the cost of 300 SEK. The dinner is suitable for vegans. Report allergies to

Doors open at 18:30 and the screening starts at 19:00. The film is 108 minutes long. Food will also be served after the film.

FYI: If you are having troubles buying your tickets through the event site, it’s also possible to email to book a spot, swish the ticket amount 300kr to 0736795410 and we’ll send you a receipt.

Supported by Stockholms stad.

*Image from Curzon Artificial Eye

24 May 18:30 – 21:30 300kr Show on map
IRL ● 8 Feb