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Gastronomic Design Festival

A summer programme that moves between different disciplines focusing on our food culture. We present our first set of events that will activate our minds and senses, discovering how artistic strategies contribute to the discussion of the politics of food.

What does our food heritage look like and what is its significance in a time when our city becomes more diverse? Food can often be the first step into a culture and by working in collaboration with various designers, artists and chefs, we’ve arranged a festival that eats through different cultures.

Together we will discuss the politics of food and ask questions of how artistic strategies can contribute to the discussion of cultural heritage, migration and the political dimension of gastronomy. But mainly it’s all about having fun and eating good food!


May 10 — Dinner by Aydin & Vargö for invited guests from Invitationsdepartementet.

May 24 — ’Babette’s Feast’, Film screening & Food at Dome of Visions. Tickets:

June tba — IRL, a storytelling event by HEXprocessen and an edible ice installation by Francesca Lusuardi at Brännkyrkagatan 13.

June tba — Garlic, a tasting experience by Denisa Kollarová and Nina Fránková. Location tba.

July 1 — New Cuisine, a workshop and talk at Hötorgsterassen with Ayhan Aydin, Matinstitutet and Roos Juten.

All you need to know

Tickets to our first event, a film screening on May 24th, are out now! Tickets to the rest of the programme will be released shortly.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at

Supported by Stockholms stad.

*Image: Babette’s Feast from Curzon Artificial Eye.


Housewarming Dinner: 7 April

The first event for Season 5 takes place at Konsthall C and deals with the value of domestic work in the kitchen.

In Konsthall C’s kitchen, curators Kim McAleese and Josefin Vargö have invited a commercial ‘chef’ and a domestic ‘cook’ to respond to the questions posed in the Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ Manifesto for Maintenance Art 1969!

Produced in 1969, the manifesto connected to other feminist activities around the world which began to articulate the gendered inequities between paid and unpaid labour. The chefs Aaron Colman and Josefin Günther are invited to make a dinner, using the food as their material to convey what they believe to be ‘maintenance work’ as an attempt to readdress the issues raised in Ukeles manifesto.

Invited guests will be asked the same questions to encourage a discussion about gendered division of labour and how that looks today.

The event is free but has limited capacity – you can register your attendance, before 6th of April, at

With support from Stockholm stad and Konstfack/CuratorLab.

Photo by: Wages for Housework c.1975 Designed by B. Warrior