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Video: Sense Lab

Sense Lab is an exhibition form where people engage in sensory experiments that stimulate and awakens all our senses by using our smell, sight, sound, taste, touch and intuition in new combinations.

Curated by Underverk showcasing work by Maja Frögård, Andrejs Ljunggren, Henrik Ljunggren, Jacob Stenman, Daphne Zuilhof, Cecilia Callander and Josefin Vargö.


Sugar High at Sense Lab

An edible sugar installation by Josefin Vargö that takes form by experimenting with a cotton candy machine.

Sugar is probably one of the most common ingredients used in the world. A multifaceted ingredient that triggers many emotions ranging from appreciation, addiction to hatred from both its consumption and production. Sugar itself has many different forms, tastes and originations, besides the common white sugar. This piece is an initial experimentation of the plain, common yet versatile white sugar.

Photography: Stephanie Wiegner
Sponsored by Glasskalas


Arbeta gör man, ändå dör man: 5 April

Date: Saturday, 5 April, 14.00-16.00 (rsvp by March 28)
Address : Kuben, Fittja
Type: Meal, Voluntary Contribution

Ayhan Aydin and Livia Prawitz will design a unique meal experience as part of Underverk’s Season 2.

“We will gather around the fire in a parking lot in Fittja; the urban environment and nature meet in a barbecue, which we share together. The food served originates from the sea. The factory is present with its welfare and efficiency, but at the same time a struggle for a different kind of distribution is ever-present. In the rubble of the riots the canteen is being built, where the second part of the meal is consumed. We savour what is normally burnt.”

Limited places, to join rsvp to before March 28th.

Photo from Ayhan Aydin and Livia Prawitz.


Video: Big Candy Bang by Ami Izaki & Exotikdot

A glowing edible installation by Ami Izaki and Exotikdot for Underverk’s Season 2 — Sinnen.
It explores different ways of perceiving the sense of taste through other senses like sight and touch.

Photography: Daniel Anthony Rossi
Music: Lyndon Scarfe


Big Candy Bang: 6 March

Exotikdot and Ami Izaki will design an edible installation for Underverk’s Season 2.

They are planning to explore different ways of perceiving the sense of taste through other senses like sight and touch. They aim to create a piece that will evolve according to the audiences participation, which will require changing its form by grabbing and consuming it. Their challenge involves materializing taste and making it visually glow and transform in space and through time.

Date: 6th of March, 2014
Time: 18:00-21:00
Address: Brännkyrkagatan 13, 11820 Stockholm


Photo from Exotikdot