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You Are Here – Test Flight

On August 27 Pomme Van Hoof held an intergalactic travel advice installation on Mariatorget in Stockholm. By involving the public she offered an artisitc experience based on people’s choices. Pomme wanted us to “explore our cosmic neighborhood in our minds, allowing us to create our own imagery of how a journey into space might be like.

Through a fictive service, offering personal intergalactic travel advice, we can start to humanise space, make sense of its mind-blowing distances, and begin to see ourselves as part of the larger cosmos.”

You Are Here is developed under initiative of Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) and the Biennial of Design (BIO50). The final version will be presented 18.09 – 07.12.2014 in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Photography by Stephanie Wiegner

Supported by Stockholms Stad


Season 3 — Publikt

In Season 3 Underverk explores the connection between public and private space and how we use our city. Seven different designers will create intimate experiences in Stockholm, open for everyone to access. “Sharing” is at the core of the experiences and by interacting with strangers we hope that visitors will view their city from a different perspective.

Our aim is for people to make new discoveries in places they otherwise walk past. The same can be said for the interaction between people, who might never cross paths otherwise.

Ticket links out soon!

Food Lab
Aaron Colman and Josefin Vargö
August 24th, 14:00—16:00
Pavilion, Tantolunden

You Are Here — Test Flight
Pomme Van Hoof
August 27th, 16:00—21:00
Mariatorget Square

Food tasting — Potential diversity of Japanese food
Lycka Japan & Sweden and Yurie Hama
August 31 & 21 September, 12:00—tbc
Parking spot outside the East Asian Museum

Bitter Sweet Sound
Ayhan Aydin, John Astbury and Josefin Vargö
October 4th, 13:00—17:00
Lusthuset Tegnérlunden

Graphic Design: Ludwig Haslberger

Supported by Stockholms Stad