Underverk presented a set of five dinners consisting of food and sensorial interactions to encourage thought-provoking conversations in collaboration with Deriva Paper and meal ecologist Ayhan Aydin.

How do we create a more diverse city by examining taste, smell and textures? The design and art platform Underverk teamed up with meal ecologist Ayhan Aydin and Deriva Paper to create a set of five immersive dinners that explored ingredients through the city of Stockholm. From August 25 – September 3 Taste Shop took over a container on Hötorgsterassen with the aim to create a new type of eating experience using all our senses.

“When spending a lot of time exploring the texture and taste of crops, you start to understand how much the cultivation process matters,” Ayhan Aydin says. “In order to get a more complex and alive food culture, the biological diversity is key. A carrot does not just have one type of flavour, there are variations, sometimes so small you hardly notice it. But if you give enough attention to it, you will start to appreciate it.”

While Ayhan Aydin was busy foraging wild bird cherry flowers in Fittja together with experience designer Josefin Vargö, trend analyst Jonna Dagliden Hunt has called for more conversations around the future of food, and editor of Deriva Paper, Helena Öhman, wandered the streets of Sibirien and Hötorget trying to find new ways of exploring the city through our senses. The result? Taste Shop – Dinners!

For each course we revealed the ingredients of the menu after the dinner was over. We did this in order to make the guests focus on the tastes, smells and textures of what they ate. Instead we presented each course by narrating them through a taste journey of three areas in Stockholm; Fittja, Hötorget and Sibirien.

Thanks to Vasakronan!

Photography: Christopher Hunt