Video: Sense Lab

Sense Lab is an exhibition form where people engage in sensory experiments that stimulate and awakens all our senses by using our smell, sight, sound, taste, touch and intuition in new combinations.

Curated by Underverk showcasing work by Maja Frögård, Andrejs Ljunggren, Henrik Ljunggren, Jacob Stenman, Daphne Zuilhof, Cecilia Callander and Josefin Vargö.


Video: Arbeta gör man, ändå dör man by Ayhan Aydin & Livia Prawitz

On April 5, Ayhan Aydin and Livia Prawitz, designed a unique meal experience at Kuben in Fittja. When we arrived to the parking lot outside Kuben, the first meal was served – barbecued right next to us.

Inside Kuben, we got a message played from a speaker saying that we had to assemble the dinner table, which was a pile of old tyres and wooden debri. A great experience to share with a group of strangers. We all formed a special bond, and by the time of sitting down we all felt that we kind of knew each other a bit better. The music that accompanied the dinner, alongside the setting inside Kuben, created a mystical atmosphere!

Photography: Stephanie Wiegner
Music: Ayhan Aydin & Livia Prawitz


Video: Big Candy Bang by Ami Izaki & Exotikdot

A glowing edible installation by Ami Izaki and Exotikdot for Underverk’s Season 2 — Sinnen.
It explores different ways of perceiving the sense of taste through other senses like sight and touch.

Photography: Daniel Anthony Rossi
Music: Lyndon Scarfe


Video: Sense Lab Teaser

During Stockholm Design Week Underverk hosted a teaser event for our upcoming Sense Lab during Season 2. People could experiment with different tastes, using pipettes and test tubes. The flavours included ginger, ume syrup, blackcurrant, apple, beetroot, pop rocks and many more..

Andrejs Ljunggren and Jacob Stenman made an installation for the night The Gaze (Esp).

Some of our observations were:

Comment on poprocks:
“Wow this takes me back to when I was 10 years old.”

The perception of the amount of alcohol suddenly changed when drinking from a test tube.
“Thats’s enough, thank you”.

Guests mixed flavours they usually wouldn’t try, exploring new combinations they loved. This included sauerkraut.

Thanks for joining!

Photos by Daniel Anthony Rossi


A Protective Garlic Ritual ● June 18

On Sunday June 18, we invite you to a garlic ritual. Come taste the power of garlic and protect yourself from trolls.

During a one week residency in Stockholm, Ancient Acrobatics and Underverk will weave together past and present garlic stories, mythologies, superstitions and facts into a new cleansing ritual, to protect you from todays trolls.

The protective cleansing ritual includes garlic tasting and an introduction to a collection of protective garlic amulets. It costs 100kr and you can book your spot by emailing

June 18 16:00-18:00 100kr Show on map
Babette’s Feast ● 24 May

As part of Underverk’s Gastronomic Design Festival we present a screening of Oscar-winning ‘Babette’s Feast’ (1987). A Danish film drama by Gabriel Axel, based on the story by Karen Blixen. The film is paired with food and drinks designed by the gastronomic design duo Aydin & Vargö.

The festival is a summer program that moves between different disciplines focusing on our food culture. We present a set of events that activate our minds and senses to discover how artistic strategies contribute to the discussion of the politics of food.


The food and drink (non-alcoholic) menu is served during and after the film. The ticket includes entrance, food and drinks at the cost of 300 SEK. The dinner is suitable for vegans. Report allergies to

Doors open at 18:30 and the screening starts at 19:00. The film is 108 minutes long. Food will also be served after the film.

FYI: If you are having troubles buying your tickets through the event site, it’s also possible to email to book a spot, swish the ticket amount 300kr to 0736795410 and we’ll send you a receipt.

Supported by Stockholms stad.

*Image from Curzon Artificial Eye

24 May 18:30 – 21:30 300kr Show on map
IRL ● 8 Feb